P. sativum unigene wa1

Analysis NameP. sativum unigene wa1
Unigene NameP. sativum unigene wa1
MethodNewbler (na)
SourceP.sativum unigene wa1
Date performed2010-12-27
Number of Reads3,084,253
Number of Contigs37,455
Number of Singletsn/a
OrganismsPisum sativum

A set of 37,455 contig sequences were assembled from 3,084,253 high quality 454 reads (>1.2 Gbp) of Pisum sativum cv. Aragorn using the Newbler algorithm. These 37,455 putative transcripts were of average length 1,045 bp and represent 25,353 isotigs. We refer to the 37,455 contigs as unigenes and have annotated these accordingly. The sequencing library was prepared from total RNA with oligo-dT priming using protocols optimized for Roche/454 GS FLX Titanium sequencing at Indiana University (Nguyen et al. 2013).  To reduce the number of high copy transcripts, amplified dsDNA library intermediates were partially normalized using Trimmer Direct (Evrogen) protocols. Emulsion PCR and sequencing were performed according to the manufacturer (Roche/454 Life Sciences) on a 454 GS FLX Titanium instrument. High quality sequence reads were trimmed according to Tae et al. 2012.  Raw reads are available under NCBI BioProject PRJNA304754, BioSample SAMN04309034 and SRA dataset SRX1614304.