Lens culinaris unigene v1

Analysis NameLens culinaris unigene v1
Unigene NameLens culinaris unigene v1
Methodcap3 (1.0)
SourceLens culinaris unigene v1
Date performed2010-12-27
Number of Reads9,434
Number of Contigs961
Number of Singlets3,092
OrganismsLens culinaris

An assembly of 9,513 EST sequences downloaded from NCBI dbEST using the cap3 assembly software (parameter: -p 90). 9,434 ESTs were used after trimming using crossmatch against UniVec_Core (parameter: -minmatch 10 -penalty -2 -minscore 20 -screen) and filtering out rRNA/tRNA contamination using tblastx (parameter: -e 1e-6). Poly-A tail was also trimmed after RNA filtering. The assembly results in 961 contigs and 3,092 singlets.